aXichem obtains new patent and gets ready for the upcoming launch of its unique phenylcapsaicin product in Brazil, the world’s third largest exporter of chicken meat

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aXichem AB (publ), a developer of natural analogue industrial compounds, announces that it has obtained a patent approval in Brazil for phenylcapsaicin as an ingredient in bird feed, particularly poultry feed. The patent approval fits very well in time as aXichem has applied for registration as a feed additive with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) in Brazil. aXichem’s target is to obtain an approval in for use as an ingredient in feed in 2022.

The product will be managed and marketed by aXichem’s partner and distributor CHR. Olesen. A MAPA registration will allow aXichem to enter the growing Brazilian market for poultry production, with the growth- and gut health promoting feed ingredient aXiphen®. Brazil is the world’s third largest exporter of fresh chicken meat and shipments totaled about 4 million tonnes between January and November in 2021, an increase of 9.08% compared to 2020 (Poultry

“Our target is to have an approval for aXiphen® as a feed additive in Brazil during 2022 and it is therefore very good that we now have a solid patent protection for our unique product in place. We are eager to start marketing the product in Brazil, a market where we see a huge commercial potential. With all the proven positive effects that our product has shown in several studies in poultry production plants in Europe and China, I believe that aXiphen has the opportunity to become a gold standard for antibiotic free chicken production for Brazil” says Torsten Helsing, CEO of aXichem.

About aXiphen®

aXiphen® is a natural analogue substance, a synthetically produced and patented capsaicin, based on a molecule developed by aXichem. Since aXiphen® is synthetically produced the substance has several advantages compared to natural capsaicin. The main difference is that natural capsaicin is extracted from chili and therefore varies in quality and seldom reaches a concentration above 85 percent. aXiphen® holds a concentration of at least 97 percent and has predictable characteristics. One of the key industrial benefits of aXiphen® is that aXichem can determine its water- and fat solubility, which is critical when using the substance in various kinds of products.

The information was submitted, through the care of the contact person, for publication on 13 May 2022, at 8:30 AM CEST.

Torsten Helsing, CEO, aXichem, Ph+46 70 686 33 55. Email: [email protected]

aXichem’s business idea is to develop, patent and market natural analogue industrial compounds. The Company primarily works with phenyl capsaicin a structural analogue of capsaicin with a wide range of applications, such as feed additives, nutrition and supplements, marine anti-fouling products and certain pharmaceutical areas. aXichem’s shares are listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market under AXIC A. Certified Adviser: Redeye AB [email protected] +46 (0)8 121 576 90. Read more about the company at

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