Commissioned Research Report on MedCap

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Commissioned Research

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Nordea Markets

Shifting into growth mode

Marketing material commissioned by MedCap.

Updated 26 February

Solid delivery in core segments

MedCap reported Q3 2018/17 (Nov-Dec) net sales of SEK 147m, compared to SEK 138m for the same period last year. Its core businesses, MedTech and Specialty Pharma, reported sales of SEK 120m, implying 36% y/y growth. Profitability improved significantly, with EBITDA of SEK 11.6m in the quarter, suggesting a y/y improvement of 356%.

Valuation and estimate changes

We update our model to reflect the new reporting structure, the acquisition of Strässle and raised expectations for Specialty Pharma, thanks to its positive trend over the past quarters. In addition, we lower our cost of capital assumption as the dismantling of Pharma Trading has structurally lowered MedCap’s future earnings volatility. Based on a discounted cash flow approach (DCF) and a weighted average cost of capital of 7.4-8.6%, we derive a new equity value per share between SEK 79 and SEK 92.

Read the full updated report here.


Firing on all cylinders – Updated 10 January

German acquisition to boost earnings

On 22 December, MedCap signed an agreement to acquire the German company Strässle Co, which is a leading manufacturer of ECG vacuum systems. We look closer at the strategic fit and the synergy potential. MedCap has performed strongly in 2018 with a reported gain of 24% and we look to the next trigger of their report to be issued 23 February.

Read the full report here.

Updated December 1, 2017

Quarterly review

MedCap’s Q1 net sales of SEK 199m was 3% higher than our expectations thanks to a faster integration of the latest acquisition, Scandinavian Nutrients. Profitability also surpassed our expectations with EBITDA of SEK 16.9m, implying 173% growth y/y. All business areas were profitable and the development in MedTech stands out, with 24% sales growth and a 2 pp EBITDA margin improvement y/y. Uptake in the Nordic speciality pharma portfolio is advancing and upcoming new product launches could support meaningful sales growth and margin improvements within Specialty Pharma.

 Valuation and estimate changes

We make positive estimate revisions to reflect our assumptions for higher margin in MedTech, faster integration of Scandinavian Nutrients and recent transactions with minority shareholders. Based on a discounted cash flow approach (DCF), with variations in sales growth, EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) margin and weighted average cost of capital (WACC) assumptions, we derive an equity value per share between SEK 35 and SEK 59.

Quality assets with defensive attributes

An investment in MedCap gives exposure to defensive assets in the Nordic Life Science segment. In the past couple of years, it has built a profitable investment portfolio of leading Nordic niche companies in the fields of MedTech, Pharma Trading and Specialty Pharma.
In the past two years, MedCap has invested heavily in establishing a speciality pharma franchise. These investments have burdened earnings, but the underlying trend shows promising signs. Between 2016/17and 2022/23, we estimate a combined sales CAGR for Specialty Pharma and MedTech of 6.9%.

Read the full report here.

Updated report – September 4, 2017

New fiscal year off to a solid start. Quarterly review and estimate change.

Read the full report here.

Updated report – June 14, 2017

We provide an update on our Commissioned research on MedCap. Read the full report here.

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Issuer review

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