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RNB-owned Polarn O. Pyret, which in the last year has seen e-commerce growth of 30% in Sweden, and made major investments in omnichannel and digital development, is now initiating an exclusive collaboration with Boozt.com with products available starting with the fall collection 2018.

In recent years, RNB and Polarn O. Pyret have invested in developing their businesses’ digital platforms to better meet the demands of today’s customers. This has resulted in strong e-commerce growth within the group, with an impressive year-on-year increase of 43% – more than three times greater than the online clothing market has grown during the same period, according to the E-barometern Report.

Now Polarn O. Pyret is taking the next step to further increase accessibility and enhance online growth by initiating collaboration with Boozt.com. Boozt.com is a fast-growing marketplace for fashion, with a strong position in the Nordic countries.

The collaboration will increase the options available to consumers – they can either shop Polarn O. Pyret’s clothes in its own channels, with all the benefits this brings, such as service, expertise and loyalty programmes, or via boozt.com, with a selection of more than 600 brands. The collaboration means Boozt.com will become an exclusive partner to Polarn O. Pyret, as a complement to its own retail business and a way to enter new markets.

“Through the collaboration with Boozt, we additionally enhance Polarn O. Pyret’s position,” says Magnus Håkansson, President CEO of RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS.

As a result of this collaboration, Polarn O. Pyret is being launched in Denmark, a market where the company has no brick mortar stores yet, but where there is assessed to be great potential.

“Boozt is doing a fantastic job on the Nordic market, thanks to a winning combination of leading brands and fast deliveries. That, together with its strong position in childrenswear in Denmark, means that we see Boozt as an excellent partner,” says Nanna Hedlund, CEO of Polarn O. Pyret.

“The collaboration with Polarn O. Pyret involves an important complement to our range of childrenswear brands, and the exclusivity gives us a unique and leading position on the Nordic market,” says Hermann Haraldsson, Group CEO at Boozt.

For further information, please contact:

Nanna Hedlund, CEO, Polarn O Pyret AB

+46 8 410 521 77, +46 768 87 21 77, e-mail:
[email protected]


+46 8 410 520 02, 46 768 87 20 02, e-mail:
[email protected]

RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS owns, operates and develops fashion, clothing, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics stores that focus on providing excellent service and a world-class shopping experience. Sales are mainly conducted in Scandinavia through the store concepts Brothers and Polarn O. Pyret, as well as through shops in the department stores NK in Stockholm and Gothenburg. RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS has operations in 10 countries. RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS has been listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange since 2001.

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