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You are welcome to contact Delmi if you have a relevant proposal for a study. Delmi collaborates with Swedish and international researchers to write policy relevant reports, anthologies, research overviews, dissertation summaries and policy briefs.

Decisions on new studies are made based on an application in Swedish or English (maximum 3000 words) which should contain a brief project description. On the page Write for Delmi there is more information about things that are good to know when you write your application. Project applications in the field of migration and integration can be made by researchers who are affiliated with a university or equivalent. The projects are estimated to take approximately 6–12 months. It includes an internal scientific seminar with Delmi and an external seminar where the report is presented and published in Delmi’s Publications series.

Checklist – this should be included in the synopsis

  • Project description: Responsible author/s and contact information, the study’s research question and why it is important to answer as well as a description of the state of knowledge and relevant theories and hypotheses within the scientific discipline.
  • Contribution to the Delegation’s mission: In what way is the report relevant to researchers, decision-makers and the general public?
  • Method: Describe whether a quantitative or qualitative method will be used and the material selection.
  • Conclusions: Write what conclusions the study can be expected to result in and possible policy recommendations.
  • Budget: The cost of the project is calculated according to the workload that the report writing can be expected to entail, the importance of the issue for Delmi’s mission, and whether new raw data should be analyzed or if the author has already published on similar issues.
  • Time plan: Enter the date for when a first, almost complete, script can be delivered before the internal seminar, when the script together with any tables and figures can be delivered completely finished to the Delegation and when the external seminar can be held.
  • CV: Attach scientific qualifications and list of publications. 

We receive and assess general applications throughout the year, read more on our website. Delmi is now also announcing project funding for future projects with deadline September 15. If you have questions, an idea for a study or want to send in an application, you can contact us at [email protected].

The Migration Studies Delegation is an independent committee that initiates studies and supplies research results as a basis for future migration policy decisions and to contribute to public debate.


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