Digital press conference: Cutting edge science reveals secrets on Gribshunden (1495)

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Cutting edge science is now revealing new secrets from Gribshunden, the Danish king’s flagship which mysterically sank off the coast of Ronneby, Sweden, some 527 years ago, in 1495. Being the world’s best preseved ship from the time of Columbus and Vasco da Gama, the wreck has gained immense international attention.  

During the past two weeks a group of scientists and maritime archaologists from Lund University, Blekinge Museum and the Danish Vikingship Museum has performed excavations on the wreck. A number of objects have been salvaged and 3D-modelling of the whole ship on the bottom has been made. Sediment samples and wood samples have been collected and metal detection has been performed.

”No other ship from the time of exploration has survived this intact” says scientific leader Brendan Foley from Lund University. ”How big was the ship? How did it function? How did it sink?”

On the press conference we will tell about the campaign, the spectacularobjects, and the science made to answer the questions.

Digital Press Conference:

Time: Friday september 2, at 09.30 AM, Central European Time (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin).
Place: Digital on Zoom or physically at Rosenholm, the Blekinge Museum Storage, Karlskrona (Skrädderivägen 3), Sweden
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 872 1251 4605

Brendan Foley, scientific leader, Lund University ph: +46-736-91 48 49
Paola Derudas, 3D technician, Lund University
Marcus Sandekjer, Director of Blekinge Museum ph: +46-709-30 49 61
Mikkel Hansen, Maritime archaeologist, Vikingship Museum of Denmark

A good source of information in English is the Smithsonian Magazine:

Pictures from the dives will be released on Friday on Dropbox: The Pictures are free to use, if photographer gets credit.

Marcus Sandekjer

Länsmuseichef / Director
Tel: +46-(0)455-30 49 61
Mob: +46-(0)709-30 49 61


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