Eevia Health Plc completed first phase of a planned capacity increase and plant improvement

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Eevia Health Plc, (”Eevia” or ”The Company”), has installed new capacities and automation equipment for processing and evaporation of natural plant extract liquids. As of August 1st, the newly installed machines and technologies are working satisfactorily, with improved yield, productivity, and cost efficiency. These investments support the company’s strong growth and strategic positioning, as communicated in the May 2021 information memorandum.

To enable Eevia to serve the large multi-year sales agreements, which have been reported earlier, as well as accept new larger sales contracts, Eevia business plan for 2021 includes two investment phases in new equipment. These investments support the company’s strong growth and strategic positioning in global nutraceutical markets, as communicated in the May 2021 information memorandum. Eevia is now pleased to inform that the first phase of the program has been completed successfully.

The investments include (i) a new loading-thawing system, which reduces the process time significantly, with reductions in related personnel needs; (ii) a new falling film evaporator for the evaporation of extract liquids and regeneration of organic solvents, increasing evaporation capacity by 500%; (iii) a new active cooler, which supplements a passive (air) cooler, and ensures constant cooling temperature all year around; and (iv) a new automated separator (disk stack centrifuge), another important liquid-solid separation equipment. The new separator will significantly improve clarification of extract liquids and increase capacity with 400%.

These investments are fundamentally important to enable Eevia to deliver towards its committed contract volumes and to achieve planned growth and was one key reason for recent IPO. The new equipment brings Eevia one step closer to the target of being a leading global provider of organically certified nutraceutical ingredients.

For more information, please contact: 

Kim Nurmi-Aro, CFO

[email protected]

Tel.: +358 504 44 0717

About Eevia

Eevia Health Plc, founded in March 2017, is a small, but fast-growing Finnish manufacturer of 100% organically certified plant extracts. The Company addresses significant health problems with bioactive compounds extracted from plant material from the pristine Finnish forests near the Arctic Circle. The extracts, which have scientifically documented health benefits, are sold B2B as ingredients to dietary supplements and food brands globally. The focus is on ingredients that protect human health prophylactically, reducing the risk of deteriorating health. The products are targeted against immune health, low-grade inflammation, eye and brain health problems and metabolic disorders. In its portfolio.

Most of its raw materials, such as bilberry, lingonberry, chaga-mushroom, and pine bark, are wild-harvested in a sustainable fashion. The safe and effective ingredients of high quality, such as high concentrate bilberry anthocyanin extracts and pine bark extracts, are certified organic. Eevia Health operates a modern green-chemistry production facility in Finland, located close to the raw materials. The short value-chain enables an environmentally friendly carbon footprint, competitive pricing, and transparency.

The increasing health awareness among consumers, combined with the increased focus on sustainable business models, constitute a strong and significant macro-trend, from which Eevia stands well equipped to capitalize.

To learn more, please visit or follow Eevia Health on LinkedIn @EeviaHealth.

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